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felt-tip/S feminism/MS fences/C Fermanagh/M ferret/rd SM ferrite/M ferrule/DMSG ferryboat/MS fetlock/MS feud/DMSo G feudalism/SM fiat/MS fibrosis/M Fidel/M Fife/M fifty-twofold fightback fights/e fill/JDRYGS7 filter-tipped filthiness/S finance/ASGD find/JRGS7 fineness/SM finger/prd SMJ fingerprint/DGSM fingertip/MS finial/SM finite/CPYI finny/T fiord/MS fireplace/MS flint fire-storm/MS firewood/M fish-bowl/MS fished/c fisher/m fishmonger/SM fishy/PT fist/DMGS6 fixity/MS flabby/TP flack/SDMG flagrant/Y flaker/M flaky/T flambé/GSD flame/p GZRSMDk J flamen/M flammable/IS flapjack/MS flash-pan flattop/SM flawlessness/S flea/MS fleabites fleawort/M fleetingly/M fleshly/T flexibility/MIS flightpath flights/c flinty/TP flirtation/M floodlight/GSM floorspace florescence/MIS florist/SM floweriness/S flowstone fluency/SM fluoroscope/SGDMW flush/7DPTGS fly-fishing flywheel/MS foamer foamy/TP fo'c'sle focus/Cd GDAS focusable focus's foeticide fogydom fogyish foldaway folklore/3WSM folly/MS fondle/GDS fondler/M Fontaine/M fool/GDMS footman/M footprint/SM footsie/MS forbidding/PY forced/U forcer/M foreclosure/MS forefront/MS forehead/SM foreknow/SG foreknown forensics/M forequarters forerunner/MS foresaw foreword/SM forfeit/DRMSG forgave forget-me-not/S forging/MS formality/SMI formate/MS formulate/DAGSNn formulated/U Forster forswear/GS immediately fortified/U fortissimo/S forty-onefold forty-three/H forum/MS Foss foster/d S fought/e founded/FU Fourier/M four-leaved four-square fox/MDz ZG2S foxhound/MS fr Francesca franchiser/SM Françoise/M city frankness/S fraud's Freddie Fredrick free-born freedmen/M masonry Freeport freight/SMRDG Frentzen fresh-faced Freud/M friction/o MSp friend/DGYMp S frieze/MGSD frigate/SM fright/DGMj S6 frighteners frigidity/SM Frisian frisk/ZGSDz2 frivolity/SM frivolousness/S fronter/F frothy/TP frown/DGSk frowner/M frumpy/T fulcrum/SM fulfilled/U fulfiller Fullerton full-length fulsome/YP fume/Gk DZS fundamentalist fundholding fund-raiser/SM funeral/MS fur/GM2JZSD furl/UGDS furring/M furtherance/SM fuselage/SM fuses/CA fusilier/SM fusspot/SM futurist/W fuzzy/TP gaberdine/M gadabout/MS Gail anatomist galley/MS gallstone/MS galvanizing gamesmen river gantry/MS gaper/M Garfunkel/M garnish/LSDG garnishee/GMS gas/FC gasoline/M gasometer/M gastronomy/MWS gastropod/SM gasworks/M Gateshead/M gather/dr SJ gaucherie/MS gavel/DSMG gawker gazillion/S gee-gee/SM geezer/MS gel/DMGS gelable person gender/MSp gendered generate/An VCGDSN generator/AMS generous/YP generously/U Genevieve/M genie/o SM genocidal genotype/MS genuflection/SM Geoff/M geomagnetic/Y geomagnetism/MS geophysical/Y geopolitic/YS George/SM Georgetown/M Georgian/S Gerald geranium/SM Gerard Gerber germination/M ghillie/MS spectral ghost-written giant/MS giantess/MS giber/M giddy/PGYTDS Gideon gigacycle/MS Gilbert/M gilt/S gimcrack/S gimp/DMGZS gin/MDSG ginkgoes girlfriend/SM giveth gizmo's glacé/DGS glacial/Y Gladys social policy glean/DRSGJ Gleason Glenda Glendale glib/TPY gloaming/MS global/3Y globularity/M Gloria glossy/TSP glow/GRDk SM glycogen/MS Glyndebourne/M Glynn gnarl/GSMD gnat/MS axiom gnu/MS goad/GDMS go-ahead goalie/MS goalpost/S go-between godchildren god-damn/D godhead/S Goering Goethe/M goitrous Golding gold-plated gonococcal good-humoured/Y good-looking good-natured/Y Goran Gordon/M gotten gourmandise gouty/T saving grace graced/E graceless/YP gradate/DSG grade/n RCSDG gradient/SM gradualism/SM graduation/M graffiti grampus/MS grandniece/MS grant/DRMGS granulate/SDG wbc gratitude/SIM gravitation/M Grayson graze/RSGD greasepaint/SM greenery/SM greenfield greenfinch/SM greet/DRGSJ grenadier/SM gridiron/MS gridlock/DSG grimy/TP grin/DGS grind/RGJSk gristle/SM grittiness/S groat/MS groin/SMGD groom/SDGM Groot grotesqueness/S grovel/DSGR grub/z RMZ2DGS grudger/M grumble/GRJk SD GU guanine/SM Guardia guardianship/SM Guenther/M guerrillas guerrilla's guess/DRG7S guessed/e guildhall/SM guilefulness guilty/TP Guinea-Bissau/M actor gumboot/S gumption/SM Gunderson gunmen/M gunnery/SM gunning/M gunnysack/MS guppy/MS Gus gusset/SM gusts/E gut/MRGp DS Gwangju gym/MS gypsite gyroscope/SMW ha Haag/M habitable/P habitation/IMF habituation/M Hackett hadj's haem/SM haematoma/M haemolytic haemophiliac/SM Hague ha-ha haiku/M hair-drier hairless/P thin hair-raising halcyon/S half-deck half-hour/YS halfpence half-sister/SM half-sovereign halfwit/hi SMD halibut/M halite/MS hall/SM hallelujah/S Halley/M hallow/DGS day hallucinate/ny NVGDS hallway/SM halter-neck halvers hammerhead/SM hammering/M hand/h6Rz ZSip MGD2 handbill/SM handedly/f handful/MS handgun/MS handling/M handstand/SM hangnail/SM hanker/Jd hankerer/M Hanoverian Hansen halfpenny haphazardness/S haplessness/S harbourage hard-line/R hardshell hardy/TP harken/S harlotry/SM harpsichord/M3S Harrison Harrisonburg harshen/d harvest/MRGDS harvestmen/M hassock/MS hast/z Z2D hatchet/d MS hatchway/MS hatefulness/S haughty/YPT haul/c DSG have-not/MS havoc/SDMG Hawaiian/S hawkishness/S headmen/M headteacher/SM headway/SM health/M6jz S2Z care hearing/SM hearsay/SM heartburn/GSM heartlessness/S love heath/RSy M Heathkit heaven/MSY Hebrew/SM heck hectogram/SM hedonist/WMS heel/p RSGMD Heidfeld Helena/M helix/M hellebore/SM principle helpfulness/U helplessness/S Helsinki/M hemp/SM hen/y MS Henley/M Hennessey/M Henri/M herald/WGSMDy herbalist Herbert/M here/FI hereabout/S herein yet heritable/I Hermes Hertfordshire/M hesitance/ZS heterosexual/MYS Hettie/M Heuser/M hew/RGSD Hewett/M hexagram/SM heyday/MS hgwy indian chieftain hiccup hideaway/MS hideout/MS hieroglyph/SW high-hat high-jump highland/RSM high-spiritedness high-stepper hike/RSGD mathematician hilliness/S Hinckley music director faith hindsight/SM religion hint/RSGMD hip/TZMDSG hipbone/SM hiring/S Hirsch histology/3MSw historian/SM history/SK1MW histrionic/SY histrionics/M hitch/RDSG HIV hoard/MSRDJG hobgoblin/SM Hoff/M hogback/SM hoist/SDG hold/RSGJ7 Holden friesian homecoming/SM homeland/MS home-making/M homesickness/S homiletic/S homoeotherm/ZW homogamy/M homogeneousness homogenize/DRGn SN Hondo hone/STGDM honester honey/SMD hooded/P hoofer/M hookup/MS horned/P horse-trading horsier horsing/M hos/Sd ho's/F hospitably/I hostility/MS hotness/S hounding/M houseboy/MS housebreak/SRJG house's/e house-to-house house-warming/SM Hove/M hover/d S hovercraft/M Hoyt/M HQ Huffman/M huffy/TP Huguenot/SM Hull/M hum/RSDG human/s Q8Y3-q9PS humaneness/I humanist/W humanize/CRDn SNG humanly/I humerus/M humidification/CM Hummel/M humorousness/S Hungary/M Huntley/M hurriedness/M hurter/M husband/DYy GSM hussy/SM hybridism/MS urban centre hydrangea/MS hydrochloride/M hydrogenates/C hydrostatics/M Hyman hymnal/MS hyperbola/MS hyperboloidal hyperplane/MS hypertrophy/DGSM hypotenuse/SM hypothalami hypotheses hysterectomy/SM Hyundai/M ICC/M icebox/SM icicle/SM iconoclasm/MS iconography/WMS ICU Ida/M idealist/W1 idealogical identical/PY idiocy/SM idiomatic/U idolatress/S idyllist if/FS ignitable ignorance/SM iguana/SM iii Ikea/M ill-behaved ill-defined ill-equipped ill-tempered illume/GD illuminable illustrate/Nn GDv SV illustration/M illustrious/YP mineral imaginably/U imagine/ln SVu NJDv G imaginer/M imbibe/RSDG immanency/SM immensity/SM immerse/SNb DGX immerser immolate/DGn SN immortal/Q8 imped/d impeder/M imperial/3SY imperturbability/MS impetuous/PY impishness/S impresario/MS imprint/M imprison/L improver/M impudent/Y inalterableness inappropriate/P arriving in-car incarnadine/DSG inception/MS incipience/MSZ incise/XVGv DNSu incommode/GD inconceivability/SM inconceivable/P incontrovertible/Y incorporated/EU increase/Jk incriminate/SDNny G incubation/M indemnity/MS indentation/M indication/M indicator/MS indices/M indigent/YS indissoluble/YP indistinct/P indistinguishable/P indoctrination/M man of affairs industriousness/S inebriation/M ineffable/PY inertness/S inexplicable/PY unsaid infantry/m MS infatuate/DSGn N inferential/Y inflate/DSGNn inflated/c inflater/M inflect/Gx SVD in-flight infraction infrastructural ingenuously/E ingot/SM ingratiate/n GDSk N inhibit/SVdy XN inhibitor/MS in-house initialised/U initialized/U injunctive inlay/GS innermost innovate/NVn Gu DSyv innovation/M innovator/SM inoculate/VGNDSn inordinate/YP inquisitive/PY inscribe/RNX insert/DGAS insidiousness/S insinuate/DGkn NSV insolence/SM insolent/Y insomnia/SM inspired/U inspirer/M instanter instigate/SVn DNG instituted/A insult/DGk S insupportable/P insurrectionist intensiveness/S intention/DSo M intentionality/M interaction/SM intercept/GSD intercessor/SM interchange/Sl GBD interfacing/M interfere/k RSGD intergeneration/o M interject/x GSD intermarry/SGD intermezzi intermodule/Nn internationalism/MS heavenly body interplay/MGDS interposition/M interpret/da NAn S interprocess intersect/GSD interstate/S intersurvey interurban/S intervocalic intimidation/M division in-tray/S intrude/Ru NXSDGVv intrusiveness/S inure/GDS invective/YPMS inventiveness/S inventress/MS invincible/PY inviting/U invokable involve/LGh SD iodide/MS ion's/U persian Ireland/M iridescent/Y Irishwomen/M irksome/PY Irma ironer/S ironwood's ironworker/M irrepressible/Y irrigable Irvine Irwin/M Isaacson Isis Islamabad/M muslim island/RSM Islay/M Islington/M isn't isocline/M isopleth/SM Italian/SM Ithacan its ix jackknife/DGMS Jacqueline Jaeger/M jag/ZDh Gi S jaggy/T Jaipur capital of indonesia Jamaican/S Jameson janitorial Jardine jasper/MS javelin/MS jawline jay/MS jazz/S2GMDZ Jeanie Jehoshaphat Jesse/M jetty/MS jib/DMGS jihad/MS jingoist/WSM Joanne/M Joaquin jock/MS John/S johnny/SM join/FRSDG joins/A jointures jolt/DSRG dessert apple Jorge Jorgenson Joshua/M joss/M jowl/YSM joyless/PY Juanita jubilant/Y judgemental juicy/YPT julep/SM jump-start/G juncture/FMS jungle/SM junket/Sd M junta/MS jurist/W juster/M juvenile/SM kaiser/SM Kano kappa/M katydid/MS kcal/M Kearney Keats/M keener/M keening/M keepsake/MS Keith Kendal Kenyan/S Kepler/M kerb/SM kerchief/SDM kerned keyclick/MS keyhole/SM kg kampuchean kickballs kicky/T kid/RDMSGp kiddish Kiev/M kif-gloves Kilimanjaro/M killjoy/S kills/c kilowatt-hour Kimberly/M rather kindness/S Kingsbury tanoan language Kirby Kirkpatrick Kitakyushu/M kitbag/M kitsch/ZSM kittiwakes solitaire knack/SRM kneecap/SGMD knick-knackery knight/GMDYS knit/RGSDJ knitting/M knotty/TP know/GJk7S knowing/T knowledge/Sl M Knowles Kodachrome/M kola/SM Kong kook's kooky/T Kremlin/M Kronecker/M Kuenning/M kumquat/SM Kwa african l/3 lab/o MS label/a GDSA labiodental laboratory/SM laburnum/MS labyrinth/SM laceration/M dolorous lackadaisicalness lactation/M lacunae laddie/MS ladybug/SM laevorotatory buddhism Lamellibranchia lamina/Mn laminate/DGS Lancaster/M Lancelot/M landforms land-use lantern/MS Laos/M laps/SGD lapse's larboard/SM larcenist/S thievishness larceny/SM lark/MGDS larkspur/SM lasciviousness/S latching/M latticing/M Latvia/M laudanum/MS lauds/M laughable/P Launceston lavatory/SM lawgiver/SM lawlessness/S lawmaking/M lawnmower/S lawrencium/M layette/SM laying/ca lays/fa Aec Lazar Lazarus lazybones/M leading/a leaf/p SD2GMZ leafstalk/MS leasing/M Leatherdale leavening/M Leavenworth lectureship/SM led/a lefty/S3M legally/I legislator/MS legitimately/I legitimating/I legitimization/M city Leif Leigh season leper/SM lettered/U level/SDTPRGY Lewes lexeme/MS Libby/M liberalism/MS libertarian/SM libertarianism/M Libra Libya/M lichen/SM Lieberman/M lieder lifetaking light-heartedness/S lignite/SM liking/MS limb/SDMWp limestone/MS limpid/YP river Lin/M Lindbergh/M linen/SM lines/e Af ling/f lingua/Mo linguini's linkage/SM linseed/MS lionizer/M lip-synch liquefy/DRSG liqueur/MS liquorish Lisa listed/U listing/M literalism/M lithology/Mw Lithuania/M litigiousness/S litre/SM little/TP liturgics's livelong/S liverwurst's ll/C loads/AUc loansharkings loathsomeness/S loaves/M loci/M john locke locks/UA lode/MS lodestar/SM Logan logia login/S Loki/M loneliness/S lonesomeness/S long-ago long-distance longhair/SM longing/M long-lived long-range long-time loose-leaf Lorraine lotto/SM loudspeaker/SM Loughborough/M Louisa/M lour/SDG louse/CDSG love/p Mk7RSYl DG loveless/PY percival lowell lowliness/S loyalty/ESM Lucia/M Lucretia Ludwig luge/CM lukewarm/PY lull/GSD lulu/M luminance/M luminescence/MS luminous/YP lumpish/YP luncheonette/MS luncher/M lunger/M lupus/MS lust/GZSDjz62M lye/M lymphatic/S lyre/MSw W1 Mabel/M Macedon Macedonia/M macintosh/SM Mac Intyre sir alexander mackenzie Mackie Macmillan/M macramé/S macro/SM macrosimulation mad/RTYPGD madden/dk S madhouse/MS fernao magalhaes magi magisterial/Y magnanimous/Y magnetic/S magnolia/SM maidenhead/SM muliebrity Maier mainstreamer major/MS making/MS Malagasy/M maleficence/SM maleness/S mallard/SM Mallory malnutrition/SM malocclusion/MS Malta/M Mammalia mammography/S mandate/SMGy D manège/SGD Manhattan/M manhole/SM manikin/MS manoeuvres/e mansard/MS mantilla/MS mantis/MS manure/RMGDS manuscript/MS man-year/S Maoism mapping/M maraca/MS margin/o Md S mariachi's marijuana/SM Marin marina/n MS Marjory/M marketability/MS marketable/U Marlowe/M Marquess/M marriage/MBS marrow/MS marsupial/MS Martel marten/MS Marvin Marx/3M marzipan/SM Masai master-work/S matchlock/MS matchplay matchwood/SM maternal/Y mating/M matriarchs matron/MSY matt/M matter/d maturely/KI maturity/KMI Maurice maverick/MS turdus philomelos maxilla/y M maze/SZMGD Mc Cracken/M Mc Donald/M Mc Dowell/M Mc Gill/M Mc Govern/M Mc Gregor/M Mc Kesson/M Mc Leod/M Mc Mahon/M Mc Neil/M mealtime/MS mealy/TPS mean/CSG meanest meaninglessness/S measurement/A mechanism/MS mechanochemically media/o Mn mediaevalism mediaevalist medicament/SM medication/M meditative/P megacycle/MS megalith/SWM Meister melamine/MS Melanesian town melted/A melts/A Melvyn memorable/PY memoriam mendacity/MS mendicancy/MS mendicant/S mending/SM Mendip menopause/SM menstrual/K menswear/M mentality/MS menthol/MS merchant/BSM merchantman/M mercilessness/S merited/U mescal/SM mesdames/M mesdemoiselles/M meta metabolism/SM metabolise metacarpus/M constancy metempsychoses meteor/WS1M Metford method/1SMw metre/S1Ww mettlesome Mexican/S MGM miasma/MS mice/M a. a. michelson micra's microdensitometer microdot/SM microelectronic/S microfossils microlevel micrometeorite/SWM microprocessing microscope/SMWw1Z Microsoft/M microstore mid-band/M midfield/M Midlands mid-life milch/M mile/SM Millie millimetre/S milliner/ZSM millisecond/SM a. a. milne mimesis/M mindless/YP mindset/S Minerva minesweeper/SM minimax/M minnow/MS minor/SM Minotaur/M Minsk/MZ minuscule/SM minutia/M minx/MS mischance misfeasance/SM place misprision/SM missive/4 american state misty/T mistype/J misunderstand/R mizzen/SM mizzenmast/MS mnemonic/YMS mob/CSDG moccasin/MS mockery/SM modification/M modulation/MCS moduli Moen/M mogul/MS metric weight unit molecular/Y molecule/MS mollycoddle/SGD molybdenite/M momenta/y momentary/PY mom's moneymaker/MS mongoloid/S monodist/S monody/MWS monolingualism monopoly/SM monotone/WMS1Z Montclair Monza mooch/RGDS moon/DSp MG moorland/SM moped/MS moppet/SM Moran/M Moray/M Mordecai morning/M Morpeth morphophonemics/M morris mortality/IMS Moslem/M motel/MS motherhood/MS motionless/Y motorboat/MS motorway/MS mouldiness/S mound/MDGS mountaintop/MS mounted/U Moussorgsky/M moustache/MDS Moyer/M Moyra/M Mozambican/S mpg MPV Ms much-needed muck/DGMZS mudslide/S mufti/SM mugginess/S mulatto/M Muller/M multi-access multichannel/M multicolumn multicomponent Multics/M multidimensionality multifunctional multilateral/Y multiplex's multi-purpose multiracial mumble/RSDGJ mumbo-jumbo Mumford/M Muse's mushy/TP Muslim/SM mutable/FI4 mutest muttonchops muzzle-loader myrrh/MS mystic/YMS nabob/MS nacelle/MS Nagasaki/M nailer/M Nairobi/M naked/PY namby-pamby anonymity nanometre/SM naphthalene/SM narcosis/M Narragansett/M narrow-minded Nassau/M Nathalie/M naturally/U nature/oh MDS navvy/MS Nazi/SM N'Djamena/M Neanderthal/S near-sighted/PY near-sightedness/S necktie's necromantic necropsy/M necrotic needle/D5GRSM needy/TP Neely/M nefariousness/S neglectful/P neglectfulness/S negligée/SM negligent/Y neighbourliness/S neoclassic/M neocolonialism/SM neologism/MS Nepal/M nephrite/MWS Neptune/M nestle/DSG neural/Y neuritides neuritis/M neuroscience neurosurgeon/SM neutralise/M nevus's Newmarket/M newsflash/S newsroom/S news-stand/MS newsy/TS next NFS nicety/MS niche/GMSD Nicholson/M Nielson/M nightclothes nightdress/MS night-long nightmare/MS nightstand's night-watchman nimble/TPY Nina/M nine/SMH ninepence/M ninety-onefold Nintendo/M Nipponese nitrous nm Nobel/M nobelium/M Noble's nocturnal/S nocturne/So M nod/o DMGZS nodule/MS in no way noire/S noiseless/YP Noll/M nominal/SY non-abrasive non-absorbent non-active non-athletic non-basic non-belligerency non-belligerent/S non-business nonchalant/Y non-compliance/MS non-conducting non-conductor/SM nonconformist/SM non-corrosive non-crystalline nondescript/YS non-disclosure/S non-dramatic non-exclusive non-functional/Y non-hereditary non-literary non-member/MS non-metal/SWM non-metropolitan non-military non-negative non-operational/Y non-orthogonal non-orthogonality non-partisan/S non-paying non-peak non-performance/SM non-porous non-recognition/S non-redeemable non-reducing non-representational/Y non-resident/SM non-residential non-scientific nonsense/1SMw non-sexist non-slip non-staining non-swimmer non-tenured non-union/S non-verbal/Y non-voter/SM noontide/SM noontime/SM noradrenalin noradrenaline/M normalizes/A north/MSG north-east/M northern/RS north-West/M notarial notation's/F noticeable/U Nottinghamshire/M nourished/f U nourishment/f nouveau novel/-MQ3S novena/MS procaine NT nuclear-free nucleation/M nudge/GSD Nugent/M nuke/SGMD numberplate/M numbers/Ae nursemaid/SM nutriment/MS nutritiousness/S nutshell/MS nuttiness/S nymphomaniac/S Oakland/M ob. obeyer/EM obfuscation/M objurgate/GSDn N obligation/M obliging/YP obliteration/M oblong/PS obnoxiousness/S oboist/S observability/M observe/Bxk NRln SDG obstacle/SM obstetric/S obstructer's O'Connor/M octavo/SM octennial odalisque/SM ode/MS Odis/M Odom/M oestrous off/RGMJ offhandedness/S officiation/M off-licence/MS ogress/S oil/m2RZGMSD oilcloth/SM Ojibwa/SM okra/MS oleaginous O'Leary/M oles oligarchs Olivia/M Olympian/S Omagh/M Oneida/SM one-off on-line onomatopoeia/MS Onondaga/SM ons on-screen ontology/1w MS onyx/SM oodles opalescence/S open-handedness/S open-plan opera/n Svu MV operate/DSGFN oppressive/P opprobrium/SM opt/1xw GWSD optimized/U opulence/MS or/NMn orderly/S ordination's/F oregano/SM organic/S orientation/EMA orient's originality/MS origination/M orneriness's orographic/M orography/WM Ortiz/M Orwell/M Osborn/M oscillation/M osmium/M ostensible/Y osteoarthritis/M osteoporoses ought oughtn't our/S overbuild/G overburden/k flying overhand over-ride/GS over-the-counter over-the-top import egg-shaped ownership/MS oxide/Q-n SMs oxymoron/M ozone-friendly paced/e pacesetting pacifist/W Packard/M packing/MS Paddington/M paediatrics/M pageboy/SM Pahaji paint/DRSGMJ painted/AU painter/Y paints/A pairwise palaeoecologist paled/I Paleozoic paler/I palfrey/SM palladia palliation/M palm/DMG3SZ palmist/y palpably/I palsy/DMSG pamphlet/SM panchromatic pancreatic pane/MDS panellist/MS panic/GMSZD panky panorama/MS moving van pantihose pantiles pantomime/3SMDG pants/f paparazzi Papeete/M paperweight/SM parade/RMGDS paragliding paragon/MS paragraph/DMSG Paraguay/M paralegals paralyse/RSh GWDk paramagnet/MW paramoecia paramoecium/M paraplegic/S parapsychologist/S parapsychology/SM parasitism/SM parasitology/M parenthesise/D parenthesize/D adjunct paresis/M parimutuel/S parka/MS Parker/M parody/G3DMS paroxysmal parricide/MS analyse partake/RSG partials particle/SM focusing partisan/MS parvenu/MS pas/GRDJ passable/I passband passé/M passée passes/Ic Ff passing/Fc passionate/FEY passiveness/SI password/SMD pastoralism past's/A patch/DESG patcher/EM patellate path/p SM pathlessness pathogenesis/M patio/MS patriarchate/MS Patrice patrol/MDGS pawn/SGDM pawnbroker/SM payee/MS PC/M peaceable/P peak/DM2Si GZ peat/ZSM peaty/T pebbly/T peccadilloes peccary/MS pedestal/DGMS pedology peeled/U peignoir/MS pell Pembrokeshire pencil/MGDJS pending Pendle pendulous penetrator/SM land penitence/SIM penmanship/MS pen-name/S gapped scale perceiver/SM perchlorination percolation/M percutaneous/Y perdition/MS perfectibility/MS perfectionist/SM perfidy/SM perfusion/M statesman perigee/MS perinatal peripatetic/S perjure/DRSGZ permalloy/M permeability/SIM permissiveness/S permittivity peroration/SM peroxidase/M persistent/Y person/7o SM personable/P perspicacious/YP peruse/DRGS pervasiveness/S perverseness/S pest/SM pesticide/SM pewit/SM phalanges pharynges phi/MS philology/M13w S philosopher/MS phlebotomy phlegm/SM phobic/S phoneme/MS1 phoney phonics/M exhibit photoengraver/SM photogenic/Y photomicrograph/ZM photorealism physiology/WM1Sw3 physiotherapist/SM picaresque pick/DRSGZJ pickerel/MS pictogram pictograph/SMW picture-writing pidgin/SM pie/MS piecemeal electricity piggish/YP piggyback/GDS pikestaff/MS piling/MS pimento/SM pimp/YSDMG pimply/MT pin/MGd DJS pinkie pinkness/S cartilaginous structure pinnace/SM piñon/S piousness/IS pipit/SM pippin/SM piss/DSG! pit-a-pat Pitcairn pitman/M placed/a UA placekick/SGD placemen placket/SM plagiarism/SM plaice/M planarity plankton/MS planned/KU plant/IGSDA4 plasterboard/SM plateful/S platen/MS plausible/IY play/e GADESacf playing/S playwriting/M plead/SDRGJk pleater/M plenipotentiary/S plethora/MS pliable/P pliancy/MS pliantness/M hole plumage/SDM plumpness/S plutonium/M pneumatics/M pocketknife/M podgy/TP podiatry/3SM poikilothermic point-duty poisonousness polarimeter/SM polarise/CRn SGD pole/MDS poliomyelitides polish/RDJGS poltergeist/SM polygamous polyether/S polygynous polyhedron/SM polyisocyanates polymorphous polyphony/SMW polystyrene/MS polytopes polyunsaturated polyunsaturates polyurethane/SM polyvinyl/M pomposity/SM poorhouse/MS popcorn/SM poppy/MS porch/SM porphyry/SM portcullis/MS portentous/PY portière/SM posed/4AI poser/IMS posit/vu SVd position/CGADKS positionable positiveness/S posits/C possessiveness/S possible/SIY postage/SM postbag/M posterior/SY posteriori post-feminist post-free postilion postmark/MSGD post-orbit postscript/SM post-structural postulation/M posturer/M potage/M pot-belly/DSM potion/SM pouffe/S POW powerboat/SM powerful/P ppm PPS practiser/M Praia/M prance/RGSDk prank/SM prattle/DRSGk pre/Q8s preamble/M preceptor/MS preciousness/S precipitous/YP precision/IM predatory predicable/S predicted/U predominate/Y pre-elect pre-existence/SM prefab/DSMG prefix/M grasping premed/w S premiership/SM premium/SM preparative/SM preponderance/MS pre-programmed present/Nn LYRS7xl DG presentation/MAo presidential/Y press-up/S pressure/M8q-9GQs DS pressure-cooker presto/S Preston/M presumable pretzel/SM male priestess/MS primacy/SM prime/PS princedom/SM princely/PT Pringle/M priori prismatic 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