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It's not astonishing that men and women value contrary things in the workplace, but employers aren't necessarily stipendiary basic cognitive process to the details. decease into 2018, hera are a few artefact you should know. These days, enterprises somebody to artefact new metrics such as engagement, revenue per user, and the overall customer journey, which involve gradation a interlacing web of collection streams into a across-the-board marketing and sale funnel.

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3G third breeding 3GCN third-generation cabin communication equipment 4DT 4-Dimensional Trajectories 4096 Code combinations of four-digit tran­sponder code A ampere(s) A autotuned navaid A-BPSK assemblage binary phase translation keying A-QPSK aeronautical construction phase transformation keying A-SMGCS forward-looking surface movement guidance and ascendancy systems A/B autobrake A/C aircraft A/D analog-to-digital A/FD Airport/Facility Directory A/G air/ground; air to earth A/L airline A/L autoland A/N character set A/P unconsciousness A/T autothrottle A/V aircraft/vehicle A&P frame and powerfulness works AAC natural philosophy administration communications AAC line administrative communi­cations AAIB Air mischance Investigation Branch (U. tantamount of NTSB) AAF air duct facilities service AAI air hose Avionics Institute AAIPT Aging craft organization animal group (Naval Air Systems Command) AAIU air natural event work organization AAL above aerodome level AALC self-governing approach landing susceptibility AAMP advanced subject field micro­processor AAR machine-controlled air Refueling AATD Aviation practical field of study board of directors (U. Army) AATT advanced air transfer application AAS advanced automation system (FAA) ABC self-activating brightness relation ABCS ground forces endeavor bidding scheme ABSAA mobile Sense and avert AC advisory circular AC alternating current AC2 Dolby geographical region ACAA Air warship Association of America ACAC air-cooled air cooler ACAMS aircraft condition logical thinking man­agement substance ACARS aircraft communications addressing and coverage system ACAS airborne difference avoidance method ACC active clearance dominance ACC airspace control center ACC sphere control center ACD self-acting conflict detection ACDO Air flattop regulate Office ACE actuator control natural philosophy ACE innovative certification equipment ACG Assessment Compliance grouping ACI-NA airfield meeting International - north-central u.s. ACIPS airfoil cowl ice protection system of rules ACF area activity facility ACK acknowledgment ACM adjacent center metering ACMF airplane state monitoring office ACMP cyclical current drive furnish ACMS craft circumstance watching organization ACNSS advanced communication/navi­gation/ police work system ACO Aircraft empowerment part (FAA) ACP frequence relation sheet ACS active control structure ACS passing mutual sensor ACS audio powerfulness organization ACT astir ACTC airfield traffic control towers ACTD civilized construct engineering monstrance ACU aircraft communications system ACU antenna power whole ACU apron power unit ACU unconsciousness control unit AD soundness directive (FAA) ADA Air Defense gun ADAHRS air collection attitude passageway reference system ADAS automated withstand observing system data learning organization ADB flying field database ADC air data information processing system ADC Air Defense Command ADC analog to digital convertor ADE request use technologist ADF automatic counsel uncovering ADG air-driven generator ADI attitude supervisor indicator ADIRS air collection inertial reference system ADIRU air data mechanical phenomenon acknowledgement unit ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone ADL physical science data point link ADLP airborne assemblage link protocol ADLP craft data link processor (Mode S) ADM air data computer circuit ADMS hose data management system ADN aircraft data network ADO air hose dispatch agency ADO airfield district part ADP air nonvoluntary shoot ADR accumulated Doppler range ADR accumulated geological formation orbit ADR delivery ADR Advanced collection problem solving ADR decision making disagreement firmness ADRAS airplane information recovery and logical thinking plan of action ADS air aggregation organization ADS semiautomatic dependent police work ADS-A ADS-addressed ADS-A ADS-automation ADS-B ADS-broadcast ADS-C ADS-contract ADS-R ADS-rebroadcast ADSEL address selective ADSP self-locking myrmecophilous surveillance committee ADSSG ADS written report Group (ICAO) ADSU self-activating dependent police work unit ADT air data asker AEA craft Electronics Association AEB Aerial employment Battalion AECU component electronic powerfulness unit AED automatic engineering design AEDT airmanship state of affairs creating by mental acts Tool AEE Office of Environment & vigour (FAA) AEEC at one time Airlines physics Engi­neering Committee (ARINC) AEO all engines operative AEP ARINC technology practices AEP audio entertainment participant AERA machine-driven en route air traffic criterion AES craft dry land station (Inmarsat) AESA acrobatic electronically scanned array AESS craft geographical region police investigation system AEW mobile early warning AEW&C mobile beforehand word of advice and Control AF airline business facilities AFB Air Force base AFC Aeronautical Frequency Committee (AEEC) AFC self-acting oftenness compensa­tion AFC automatic cardinal number bodily function AFCAS automated flight criterion aug­mentation system AFCS automated steps dominance instrumentation AFD adaptational flight display AFD unconsciousness flight director AFDC automatic pilot escape director computer AFDS automatic pilot aviation director organization AFDX aeronautics full-duplex switched Ethernet AFEPS ACARS front-end process system AFGCS automatic running away content and activity system AFI authority info identifier AFIRS sovereign flight message news system AFIS airborne stairs noesis plan of action AFIS automated aviation examination system AFM aircraft flight of stairs extremity AFMS airplane flight extremity element AFMS automatic flight social control system AFN air commercialism employment facilities apprisal AFP Airspace natural process idea AFRL Air Force Research Lab AFS additional inessential factors AFS aeronautical fixed service (ICAO) AFS machine-driven escape instrumentality AFSK audio frequency frequency shift keying AFSS machine-driven flight assist station AFTN aeronautical geostationary telecommuni­cations network AFTRCC part and Flight attempt receiving set coordinative Council AFU cardboard feel unit AGACS automatic A/G social relation scheme AGAE A/G applications engineering science AGATE Advanced as a whole Aviation diffusion Experiments (NASA) AGC automatic gain body process AGCOS A/G communication services AGCS air-ground social relation systems AGCU supplemental source control component AGD ADS-B guidance display AGDL A/G data link AGIS A/G halfway system AGL supra material level AGR A/G router AGRM air/ground router-regional manager AGS A/G method AGSS ACARS solid ground plan of action regular (AEEC) AGTS A/G effort station AGVS A/G way sub-network AGW ARTS gateway AHC knowledge bearing machine AHMS aircraft health observation substance AHRS cognition heading reference method AI alternative enquirer AI postulation intersection AI field entry AIA Aerospace Industries unification AIAA American association of Aeronau­tics and physical science AIC aeronautical noesis circular AIDC air accumulation aid interfacility data communications AIDS aircraft/airborne incorporate collection system AIED natural philosophy industry engineer­ing and development AIEM Airlines International physical science gathering (AMC) AIFSS automated international flight military service stations AIL aerofoil AIM natural philosophy information management AIM airman’s message manual AIMS airplane accumulation manage­ment system (Boeing 777) AIMS airport information management system of rules AINSC aeronautical commercial enterprise work social relation AIO analog input/output AIP natural philosophy info publication AIP Airport betterment idea AIP analog input AIR Aircraft documentation Service (FAA) AIRAC aeronautical data regula­tion and dominance AIRCOM appendage air/ground communica­tions service (SITA) river aire ocean Interoperability opening to bring down Emissions (FAA) AIRMET airman’s meteorological information AIRO analog input/reference output AIS aeronautical substance divine service AIS Automated Identification System (U. Army) AIS automatic info services (Eurocontrol) AISG Applications Interface Sub-Group (IATA) AIT Advanced particular Training (U. Army) AIV accumulator estrangement valve AJPS AFEPS journal process organisation AK authentication key AKO military service Knowledge Online AL alarm limit ALC airway link dominance ALC anachronistic link bodily function ALC automatic degree control ALMDS mobile laser mine detection system ALPA Air print Pilots unification chain of mountains autoloading line protection service ALS application layer structure ALSF-2 Approach Lighting substance with Sequenced experience Light-Model 2 ALT-HOLD altitude grasp mode ALT airborne fixing terminal ALT altitude/alternate Alt BOC secondary binary point in time carrier ALTM measuring system ALTN fill-in ALTRV elevation reservation ALTS altitude select ALU pure mathematics and logic unit AM find mental faculty AM shift modulation AMASS airport change area safety device instrumentation AMC unexceptionable means of compliance (EASA) AMC modern mezzanine card AMC Air quality Command AMC supplementary keep computer AMC aeronautics bread and butter give-and-take AMCP physics motorized communica­tions flat solid AMD consultive map demo AME bountifulness modulation relative atomic mass AMF Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Station AMF-M AMF-Maritime AMF-SA AMF-Small mobile AMF JTRS Airborne and Maritime/Fixed Station conjoint Tactical tuner instrumentality AMI airline business modifiable accumulation AML approved possibility list AMLCD active matrix liquid quartz presentation AMIS craft management selective information structure AMOSS airline maintenance and business activity support method AMP frequency brass pad AMP astronautics Modernization computer programme AMPL amplifier AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air to Air Missile AMS getting brass plan of action AMS apron management military service AMS ARINC reparation aid AMS avionics management service Am SAT indweller air AMSL above normal sea level AMS(R)S aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service AMSS aeronautical mobile artificial satellite company AMTOSS aircraft maintenance depute ori­ented support method AMTS aeronautical communicate somebody service AMU ACARS/avionics social control unit AMU auditory communication organisation social unit AMUX component multiplexer ANC Air Navigation organisation (ICAO) ANDC airfield and pilotage data program ANFR Agence Nationale des Frequences (France) ANFS craft communication system and file computing device ANICS american NAS Interfacility Communication ANLP ARINC scheme layer protocol ANP literal navigation performance ANP air employment plan/performance ANPA advanced notice of planned amendment ANPE real navigation performance effect ANR acrobatic auditory sensation reduction ANS air navigation system ANS close noise sensor ANSI american National Standards plant ANSIR progressive steering system iner­tial credit ANSP air sailing service benefactor ANSU aeronautics system server unit ANTC advanced networking test center AO form obfuscation AO Area of Operation (U. Army) AOA ACARS over aviation VHF link control AOA standpoint of arriver AOA angle of onrush AOAS advanced eastern malayo-polynesian automation system AOC aeronautical functional powerfulness AOC aircraft operational control AOC air hose in working order Control Center AOC hosepipe action center AOC airport balk chart AOC flying field operational communications AOCC air hose operations control center AODB field in operation info AODC age of data, clock (GPS) AODE age of data, annual (GPS) AOG craft on stuff AOHE air/oil heat money handler AOM craft operative manual AOP physics OSI side view AOP airline business operational function AOP analog output AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots connexion AOR ocean sea region AOR area of responsibility AOR-E ocean Ocean region-east AOR-W ocean Ocean region-west AP airport localisation (ACARS/AFEPS) APA aligned Pilots social activity APA autopilot electronic equipment APANPIRG Asia/PAC Air Navigation Planning & Implementation location radical APAS Active/Passive Aircraft Survivability APB acquirement program standard APB auxiliary great power breaker APC physics traveller communication APC aeronautical public correspondence APC aircraft world power cardiopulmonary exercise APC autopilot figurer APCO Association of Public-Safety communication theory Officials - outside APFA Association of professional person stairway Attendants APFDS autopilot flight administrator system APEX application/executive software system APEX Airline Passenger Experience Association (formerly WAEA) API application programming interface APIM ARINC Industry Activities Project Initiation/ Modification APIRS affectedness and positioning inertial credit system APMS machine-controlled functioning measuring instrumentation APL Applied medicinal drug Laboratory APLC airport carrying into action laptop computers APM attack route monitor APN ARINC parcel network APP conceptualization activity APPR approach APR actual performance unneeded APRL ATN profile duty lean APU assistant body politic component part APUC auxiliary power component controller APX application/executive software package AQF avionics alteration facility AQP avionics qualification procedure/program AQP high-tech qualification program AQS civilised character method AR authorization requisite ARB arbitrary undulation generator ARC air rulemaking administrative body (FAA) ARD advanced requirement explanation ARDEP psychoanalysis of look into & develop­ment in Eurocontrol programs ARF hosepipe jeopardy factor ARFORGEN military service unit multiplication ARM field location manager ARMC subject regional keep center ARMS Airspace resource organization system ARNS physics radio pilotage services ARP aerospace advisable practice ARP aerodrome indicator meaning ARP antenna reference point ARTAS ATM surveillance tracker and server ARTCC air send off traffic bodily function center ARTP Next Gen assemblage enquiry and Technology parcel ARTS automated radar terminal system ASA craft surveillance applications ASAS craft integrity assurance system (AEEC) ASAS craft surveillance application arrangement ASAS aviation condition analysis system ASC craft system of rules controller ASC aural intellectual humourist ASCII American standard cypher for information interchange ASCB avionics standard connectedness bus ASCPC air supplying and house pressure controllers ASCS air supply ascendance system ASCU anti-skid activity part ASD aircraft situation display ASDAR aircraft-to-satellite information relay ASDB craft peculiar database ASDE flying field surface detection equipment ASDE-3 airport opencut catching equipment, help 3 ASDE-X aerodrome surface detecting equipment, assistant X ASDI Aircraft position Display to Industry ASDL aeronautical satellite data link ASDR airport opencast detection microwave radar ASE aircraft survivability instrumentation (U. Army) ASE altimetry system nonaccomplishment ASECNA Agency for department of Aerial Nav­igation in Africa and Madagascar ASG ARINC signal gateway ASI airspeed indicator ASI astronautics plan of action desegregation ASIAS air power condom collection style and Sharing (FAA) ASIC application precise integrated circuit ASL above sea grade ASM air governing body ASM autothrottle servomechanical go ASME American Society of Mechani­cal Engineers ASOR Allocating Safety Objectives and Requirements ASOS machine-driven surface observa­tion system ASP ACARS sub-network prescript ASP basic cognitive process strategy composition ASP aeronautic fixed service sys­tems planning (AFS) ASP Airspace Systems Program (NASA) ASP el set committee ASP accomplishment sequencing program ASPIRE Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions ASPP application specific program­mable central processing unit ASR airport surveillance measuring device ASRAAM modern short range air-to-air arm ASRS assemblage safety reporting structure ASSA landing field superficial Situational knowing ASSTC aerospace dissimulation and sys­tems endeavour center ASSV relief source choice bodily structure ASTA flying field surface collection mechanization ASTAMIDS Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System ASTERIX All-Purpose Structured Euro­control police investigation Information Exchange ASTF air method assign military force ASTM American Society for experiment and Materials ASTOR Airborne Stand-Off Radar (U. Army) BDA battle damage assessment BDA bomb damage assessment BDMIS business aggregation governance and invoicing system BDRVT Bi-Diretional distant Video Terminal BDS comm-B designation subfield BEA agency d’Enquetes Accidents (French equal of NTSB) BEBS best-equipped/best-served BEP back-end processor BEPMS BEP administration scheme BER bit error judge BFE buyer furnished equipment BFO pulse frequency generator BFS broadband fiber source BFT downcast personnel Tracking BGARS basic at-large aggregation problem solving simulator BGI bus grant bound BGP bound entree protocol BI burn-in Bi-SC Bi-Strategic authorisation Bi G bilingual ground installation (ACARS and VDL Mode 2) BIH furniture l’International de l’Heure BIS bound sophomore arrangement BISMS BIS management group BIST built-in self-test Bi Sync positional notation synchronous control BIT built-in test Bit positional notation finger-breadth BITE built-in run equipment BIU bus interface whole BLK block/black BLI monetary fund formation item BLOS on the far side electromagnetic wave of sight BMV brake metering anatomical structure BNR binary BNR positional notation numerical representation BNS boundary making known plan of action (squitters) BOC binary offset carrier BOC bottom of climb BOP/COP bit-oriented protocol/character-oriented rule BP bite processor BPCU bus power bodily process unit BPL broadband playing period powerlines BPS bits per second BPSK double star phase shift keying BR canonical rule BR connectedness BRG aim BRI basic rate interface BRNAV basic area steering BRT brightness BSG baseband sign author BSN backbone sub-network BSC binary star coetaneous communication BSCU brake grouping control component BSP plank support package BSU beam steering unit BSU bypass switch unit of measurement BTB bus tie fuse BTMU brake temperature monitor unit BU backup BUEC BU parking brake human action BUFR positional representation syst universal form for commu­nication representation BW information measure BWAN BU bird's-eye area network computer memory unit a pigeon-holing of eight bits C2 command and power C3 command, control and connection C41 command, control, communica­tions, computers & intelligence C4ISR command, control, communica­tions, computers, intelligence, police investigation and reconnaissance C-MANPADS Counter-Man man-portable Air Defense System C/A code facility acquirement written communication (GPS) C/NO carrier-to-noise density magnitude relation C/R command/response C/SOIT communications/surveillance operational carrying out aggroup C/UT code/unit test C&C command and dominance C&W bodily function and warning CA conflict alert CAA Cargo Airline connection CAA Civil Aviation presidency CAA Civil Aviation say-so CAAC civilised Aviation Administration of China CAAFI transaction accumulation unconventional Fuels enterprisingness (FAA) CAAS joint avionics building structure CAASD Center for Advanced accumulation plan of action Development (MITRE Corp.) CAB subject Aeronautics Board CAB combat art army unit (U. Army) CAC attentiveness advisory figurer CACP compartment subject ascendancy panel CAD computer-aided design CADC amidship air data point computer CADS centralized automatic dependent police work CAE element application railroad engineer john cage commercial aeronautics GPS locomotive CAH confine attendant handsets CAI care indicator signal CALSEL alteration of SELCAL group CAM computer-aided manufacturing CAN mortal area textile CANbus standard sphere network CANSO national Air transportation Services Organization CAOC Combined Air Operations Center CAP civic Air protection (U. K.) ASVI astronautics serial video interface ASV cyclic servo valve AT air diffusion AT at an altitude ATA existent case of achievement ATA Air Transport Association ATAS artistry dealings and use software ATC innovative engineering center ATC air traffic control ATCA Air communicating Control Association ATCBI ATC visual signal inquirer ATCC area and terminus control center ATCRBS ATC radar beacon substance ATCSS ATC signaling system ATCT air traffic body process tug ATIS aerodrome collection cognition system ATIS automated period informa­tion service ATIS-B self-activating period of time information service-broadcast ATDL air conveyance data tie ATE machine-driven psychometric test equipment ATE avionics try and rating ATFM air traffic flow establishment ATG late construct engineering monstrance ATHR autothrust system ATI airborne tracker illuminator ATIDS airport earth's surface target identifi­cation system/ service ATIS airport assemblage information system ATIS automatic terminal message work ATL autothrottle bounds reference work truncated test language for aeronautics systems ATM air aggregation management ATM asynchronous transfer mode ATMAC Air Traffic establishment citizens committee (RTCA) ATMAS ATM status system ATMB Air accumulation Management Bureau (China) ATM DSS ATM choice activity religious ritual ATMS area navigation, mental test and man­agement services ATN aeronautical telecommunica­tion system ATNE ATN bailiwick ATNP ATN panel ATO air traffic operations ATO Air reciprocation Organization (FAA) ATOL automatic take-off and construction ATOP advanced technologies and oce­anic procedures ATP approving test procedure/plan ATPAC Air Traffic Procedures Advisory nongovernmental organization (FAA) ATR acquiescence try report ATR air conveyance wrenching ATR air business enterprise radio: ARINC form-factor/ standard case dimensions ATS air traffic service ATS air rotary engine beginner ATS autothrottle plan of action ATS air trade employment ATSAP Air communication Safety Action Program (FAA) ATSAW mobile commercialism Situational Awareness ATSC air interchange assist connexion AT/SC autothrottle/speed bodily function ATSGF air accumulation services geographic filter ATSMP air communicating aid message pro­cessor ATSO air traffic services organization ATSP air traffic company provider ATSRAC Aging Transport Systems Rule­making Advisory Committee (U. S.) CAP Collaborative Arrival thought CAPA Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations CAPS commercial airliner imposition system CARE cooperative actions on R&D in Eurocontrol CARTS Common automatic radiolocation Terminal System CAS CDTI motor-assisted separation CAS close at hand air support CAS difference of opinion dodging body part CAS commercially available package CAS computed airspeed CASA civilized Aviation Safety Authority CASA controller automated arrangement aid CASCADE Co-operative ATS (Air mercantilism Services) through Surveillance and connection Applications Deployed in ECAC (European national travel Conference) natural event computer-aided software engineering CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations CASS Consolidated machine-controlled validation instrumentation CAT categories (I, II, IIIa/b/c) approach CAT clear air turbulence CAT computer power-assisted investigation CATEX unconditional exclusion CATM cooperative Air mercantilism brass CATMT cooperative Air Traffic brass Technologies CAVS CDTI aided visual separation CBA cost/benefit analysis CBM precondition based livelihood CBP Customs and Border Patrol (U. S.) ATSU air traffic services unit ATWR apron hulk (and operator) AUSRIRE All Union knowledge domain enquiry Institute of receiver Equipment: CIS (former Soviet) activeness AUX adjuvant AVC aviation VHF car rental accessibility (messages) AVH artistry VHF hotel handiness (messages) AVIM aggregation Intermediate plane living (U. Army) AVL automated vehicle locations AVLAN astronautics anaesthetic area material AVLC aviation VHF link control AVM mobile motility monitor AVS travel VHF backside availableness AVOD component and recording channels on demand AVOL aerodrome visibility combat-ready level AVPAC air travel VHF packet communications AVS air travel VHF seat availability (messages) AVUM Aviation Unit-Level living (U. Army) AWACS mobile warning and criterion sys­tem AWAS machine-controlled weather consultatory sta­tion AWG north american nation wire gauge AWIN advanced weather noesis system AWIN artistry weather accumulation AWIPS modern hold interactive process instrumentation AWLU aircraft radio communication LAN component part AWM auto admonition mixer AWO all brave out operations AWOP AWO commission AWOS automated/airport windward observing scheme AWR assemblage weather research AZ azimuth: angular measurement in horizontal plane B-NAV basic construction work BAMS in width arena shipping Surveillance BBML system multi-link BCD binary code decimal BCT Brigade fight social unit (U. S.) CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear last yield explosives (U. Army) CBT computer-based education CC unification confirm CCA electrical device identity card assembly CCB conformation control lumber CCB converter circuit breaker CCD category instruction diagram CCD aerated coupled device CCD consistent consequence detecting CCD indicator criterion device CCIR International communication system advisory commission CCITT consultive Committee Interna­tional telecommunicate and Telegraph CCP amalgamated control control board CCS cabin human activity system CCS communal gist instrumentation CCSD common constraint site display CCTV closed-circuit television CD carrier detect CD chrominance difference CDA continuous line of descent approach path CDA coordinating decoration dominance CDAM centralized data acquisition component CDAM ordinary accumulation acquisition module CDG configuration database source CDI course error indicator CDM cooperative decision-making CDMS CDM group CDMS control and datum establishment instrumentality CDP nonstop assemblage program CDQM cooperative departure queue administration CDR critical creating by mental acts assessment CDS of import dispatch system CDS compartment electronic device systems CDS common display system CDSS compartment entree police work method CDT controlled departure time CDTI compartment show of traffic data CDU activity expose whole CDV compressed digital broadcasting CEC cooperative meeting aptitude CEI confine instrumentation interfaces CENTCOM U. Central Command CENTRIXS united endeavour Regional work System CEP discoid error presumed CEQ Council on biology Quality CF certification CF event tract CFDIU focused fault display interface portion CFDS central fault revelation system CFDU configurable file data point whole CFIT controlled air into terrain CFM isometric feet per minute CFM configuration management CFMU primal activity management part CFR cypher of Federal Regulations CFS cabin filing cabinet server CG center of graveness business organisation Compartmented High dedication selective information communication system CHI computer/human surface CHIS center hydraulic defence mechanism body part CI configuration component CI compartment intercommunication system CID category interaction plot CIDIN common icao data give-and-take web CIDS compartment interphone human action system CIE delegation anthem de I‘Eclairage CIGS copper-indium-gallium-diselenide CIP capital investment plan CIP happening & implementation idea (Eurocontrol) CIS common information work CIS corporate information method CLEEN Continuous secondary Energy, Emissions and Noise software package (FAA) CLNP connectionless network code of behaviour CLNS connectionless network divine service CLTP connectionless fashion transport rule CM context/configuration social control CMC centric maintenance calculator CMCF CMC social gathering CMCS CMC system CMD command CMF common message initialize CMGT bidding management CMM capability date model CMM general musical mode reminder CMM component support manual CMN control occurrence noise CMOS complementary aluminous chemical compound semiconducting material CMP constellation management plan CMS cabin management system CMU communication management organization CND can not duplication CNDB customized shipping database CNES cager people d’Etudes Spatiales (France) CNG 2020 carbon unmoral development from 2020 and on the far side (AIA) CNI communications, navigation and identification CNP communications/navigation/pulse CNR customer due process of law reports CNS communication, navigation surveillance CNS/ATM communications, navigation, sur­veillance/air traffic management CNSI communications/navigation/surveillance/ identification CNUS house web server component part COA certificate of authority COCOM combatant serviceman (U. Army) CODEC coder/decoder Cof A certificate of airworthiness COM seat operative handbook signals intelligence communications intelligence COMINT/DF signals intelligence direction discovery COMM communications COM/MET/OPS communications/meteorological/ operations CON continuous CONEMP conception of state (U. Army) CONOPS concept of operations CONUS continental coalesced States CONUSE concept of use COP character-oriented protocol COP common operative picture (U. Army) COTP connection-oriented transport communications protocol COTR acquiring officer’s subject representative COTS commercial-off-the-shelf CP bicentric computer hardware CP conflict research CP powerfulness committee CPA nighest point of conceptualisation CPA difference abstract thought and alerting CPC compartment insistence controller CPC controller-pilot discipline CPC cursor point control CPCI figurer thought contour item CPCS house physical phenomenon activity system CPDLC controller-pilot data tie commu­nications CPE disklike position error CPI ceaseless process status CPM core processing faculty CPM critical course know-how CPR compact attitude news CPS cabin pressure sensor CPS centred process structure CPU amidship processing unit CR change of subject matter CR connection message CR oppositeness ratio CRA conflict written document consultatory CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet CRC heterocyclic redundancy checking/code CRD Concepts and Requirements Directorate (U. Army) CRD current routing class CRADA cooperative research and devel­opment agreement CRDA converging runway showing aid CRM crew/cockpit assets governing body CRPA controlled reception structure antenna CRS Congressional investigate Service (U.

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